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You’re Invited to the “Release Party” for the new CD Serve with Straw right here on June 1, 2016.
Produced by Diane Taber for DTM-Music
℗© 2016All rights reserved
℗ Didja Tangle the Music Publishing
We’ve all been there - the wrong love or love gone wrong.

First you fight, then you try to make it right again, but it only gets worse. It can be torture, and you wonder was it all a lie, is an old love still around, or does love just get lost in the daily grind? When there’s no way to put it off any longer, the last goodbye brings the pain.

But, after a while you feel freer than you have in a long time. You realize you’re moving on and, somehow, you know you’ll love again. That’s the time to take a fancy glass, pour your favorite drink, add a brand new twist and, as the bartender’s recipe says, Serve with Straw.

There’s music for all parts of this story and it’s exciting to share it with you on Diane Taber’s new CD, Serve with Straw. The album is indie rock in a hot relationship with 21st century jazz. All songs are original and you can sample and order pre-sale.